Thank you for your interest in Simpli Transport. Our Simpli product has been retired and has been replaced with our full-featured Novus product suite for NEMT and Paratransit.

Novus has been in the market for 10+ years and has 100+ installations. Learn more with the buttons below:

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No new features will be added to Simpli, however, we are continuing to support existing clients.

What is the #1 concern facing the transportation industry?

Most operators and owners would say the bottom line. But the bottom line is built from the ground up. Rider satisfaction, driver attentiveness, dispatcher calmness. These are the elements of every operation that become the sum of that operation’s total success.

This is the thinking that went into developing of Simpli’s demand response software. Simpli Transport is a small, dedicated group of experts who work towards enabling and empowering small rural transportation, non-profit transportation, non-emergency medical or paratransit operations, retirement homes and universities. We believe that community transportation is an important piece of a city’s infrastructure. Not only that, but it is an essential service to those deserving the freedom and dignity to maintain productive and happy lives.

Let’s Get Together

You may have noticed that this “about us” page hasn’t been just about us so far. It’s also about you. In order for us to provide you with the best solution, we need to work together to design a product plan to totally satisfy your operation’s unique demands. Simpli Transport is a division of TripSpark Technologies, a community transportation technology company dedicated to these same ends. As a partner, TripSpark is able to provide the powerful transportation technologies you will need to transform your operation: all fit to your specific requirements and budgetary considerations.

Providing better service and empowering your schedulers, dispatchers and drivers is at the top of the bottom line. We’re here to help you improve the result and experience of both.

Let’s grow something good together.

Check out some of our case studies to see what our customers are saying about the benefits and power of automation.

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Got Questions? Got Questions?

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