Thank you for your interest in Simpli Transport. Our Simpli product has been retired and has been replaced with our full-featured Novus product suite for NEMT and Paratransit.

Novus has been in the market for 10+ years and has 100+ installations. Learn more with the buttons below:

NEMT Software    Paratransit Software

No new features will be added to Simpli, however, we are continuing to support existing clients.

What's Important To You?

Increase Revenue

Better utilization of your operation through improved scheduling, trip booking and vehicle utilization means increased profits.

Reduce Costs

Simple, browser-based application reduces staff expenses and overall cost of ownership.

Provide Better Service

Allow call takers to view detailed patient information, including special needs while increasing the reliability and flexibility of your service.

Capture the client data the matters

Quickly and easily maintain all the rider information that matters most to you.

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Trip booking made easy

Streamline and speed up your booking processes to keep riders coming back again and again.

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Create schedules that save you money

Maximize your revenue by creating efficient schedules and routes. Either on the fly or in advance.

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Optimize your routes with integrated mapping

Optimizing vehicle utilization saves you money and resources.

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Make more informed business decisions

Make informed decisions through analytics that help you better utilize your resources.

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Track every penny

Automatically calculate, track and maintain faring and funding information to maximize your profit.

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Know where your drivers are going

Vehicle utilization saves you money in both resources and gas. Visually view all our routes with a click of a button.

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Upload broker trips in seconds

Directly import your broker trips into the system quicky and easily.

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Choosing the Right Software Platform

Learn what core features to look for in demand response software and how to explain the benefits to your company.

“We are totally satisfied with Simpli Transport. It is everything we had hoped for. The system is reliable, and the customer support is fantastic. We are very happy with the system.”
Learn More Becky McAllister, Community Transportation Coordinator
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