Thank you for your interest in Simpli Transport. Our Simpli product has been retired and has been replaced with our full-featured Novus product suite for NEMT and Paratransit.

Novus has been in the market for 10+ years and has 100+ installations. Learn more with the buttons below:

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No new features will be added to Simpli, however, we are continuing to support existing clients.

Computerized Scheduling

Computerized Scheduling

Building efficient and cost effective Paratransit and NEMT schedules are essential elements in running your demand response operation. Simpli Transport’s computerized scheduling and dispatch software provides the tools you need to optimize your routes.

Key Functionality Includes:

  • Live scheduling using calendar functions
  • Ability to quickly book trips from pick up to drop off
  • Automatic client look-up feature
  • Calculates distances and displays trip flow on a digital map
  • Create templates for repeat trips allowing for quick routing
  • Google Maps & automated distance calculations
  • Assign runs based on drivers and vehicles

Trip Booking

With Simpli, booking trips couldn’t be easier. In seconds you can create new trips, edit existing trips and create subscription trips. The ability to manage your trip bookings in Simpli will not only speed up your process but also provide a vast amount of important data to report on.

Key Functionality Includes:

  • Create subscription trip bookings
  • Track past rides and easily copy
  • View pick up and drop off locations on the map
  • Automatically create return trips with a click of a button
  • Create templates for repeat trips allowing for quick routing
Trip Booking

Client Management

Client Management

Managing riders can be a time consuming manual task. The client management feature will speed up the process allowing you to:

Key Functionality Includes:

  • Register new clients quickly by capturing information about addresses, disability type, fares, payment options, funding source and more
  • Edit and modify client records at any time
  • Search for client records within seconds
  • Track client information: Name, Address, Contact Details, Gender, Birth Date, Disability, Mobility Aids, Space Type, Passenger Types

Real-time Reporting

Generating accurate paratransit reports when you need them is vital for disclosure, transparency and to secure funding and new grant sources. Simpli Transport allows you to generate the most commonly used reports in seconds. Extract meaningful statistics quickly and easily on a variety of formats using a standard suite of reports.

Reports to make informed decisions:

  • Productivity Reports: Trip Hour Productivity, Trip Distance Productivity, On Time Compliance
  • Operational Reports: Daily Operations, NTD Standard, Multiple Manifests, Validation Reports
  • Trip Reports: Cancelled, missed and no shows, Trip Counts, Call Backs, Funding
  • Custom Reports: All reports can be exported in: PDF, Excel, Word, RTF, HTML or CSV
Real-time Reporting

Faring and Funding

Faring and Funding

Simpli provides the functionality to track multiple funding sources. These can be either full or partial funding for your trips. Simpli offers the ability to create these based on various client details: passenger types, trip locations, and other conditions.

Create multiple types of fares:

  • Flat fare - The fare is fixed regardless of travel distance
  • Manual fare - The fare is entered manually
  • Distance Non-Cumulative fare - Based on rates that increase per distance range or rate per distance unit, the fare reflects the rate associated with the final stage of the trip
  • Distance Cumulative fare - Based on rates that increase per distance range or rate per distance unit, the fare reflects the sum of the rates associated with each stage of the trip

Integrated Mapping

Visualizing where your clients are and where they need to go plays a major role in providing excellent customer service. With integrated Google mapping there is no map purchase required and updates are done automatically.

Key Functionality Includes:

  • View scheduled routes
  • View street names and postal codes
  • View pick up and drop off locations on the map
  • Easy to manipulate map views
Integrated Google Mapping

Trip Importing

Trip Importing

Working closely with brokers, our team has designed an import feature that eliminates the manual process of entering clients and trips into Simpli.

Directly import into Simpli at any time. Our system will now allow you to manage uploaded clients and trips within seconds.

Key Functionality Includes:

  • Upload broker trips in seconds
  • Automatically create/update the client record, imports the trip, sets the appropriate rate and geocodes the locations
  • Detailed information is available to view, such as: # of trips imported, updated or canceled, or trips that weren’t imported due to an issue
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